fines, fondu and uetliberg in ZURICH || #TeaWithG


3 nights

Booked my flight one month prior and flew with Norwegian Airlines via my baby – Skyscanner! It costs me around £65 for a return flight direct to Zurich with a flying time of just under 2 hours. Norwegian falls into the “budget” airline category but it definitely comes out as number one above the Ryanair’s and EasyJet’s for me!

So luckily Mike has his own place in Zurich so stayed with Mike in his flat which is not too far from Sihlcity. Now he says renting there is like renting in Zone 1 in London – which is basically  looking at about £1000 a month….cha-ching!

Zurich is definitely an elite in the league of expensive cities – £10 for a Big Mac Meal at McDonalds – £35 for a Vapianos meal – it is definitely a pocket burner of a trip. Spending money is all dependent on the type of trip you are planning on having. If, like myself, you are going to just see Zurich and what the city is like I would say to go with about £130-£140 per day. I am more on the frivolous side of the life when it comes to spending on holiday so do not be scared by my recommendations as there are definitely ways in which you can spend much less!

So we ate a lot – and Mike has a few more suggestions of places to eat in Zurich as he does live there! Other than your McDonalds and Vapianos which are commonly consumed in the UK and elsewhere:
– We conquered the local delicacy of Cheese Fondu at Le Dezaley in Old Town. We opted for the option with the white wine (which I’m not sure why – because I am not a big fan of wine anyway) and we felt that the wine came through too strong and spoilt it to a degree – so I suggest without the wine but regardless it tasted great and after a while can become very filling!
– We had drinks at Clouds at the top of The Prime Tower which also is a decent restaurant – according to Mike!
– Other resident recommendations include: Holy Cow,  Golosone,  Hong Kong Food Paradise
– [In Geneva] Mike kept ranting about Nando’s long lost cousin Chez Ma Cousine 

– Go and get a lovely view of the whole Zurich from Uetliberg
– Old Town – cute, narrow, cobbled streets
– Zurich Lake
– and you can obviously make it into a skiing trip – which is a whole different kettle of fish – can’t wait to try it!

Mascotte – Thursday nights
Gonzo – Wednesday nights
Hiltl – veggie restaurant turns up on a Saturday night
Hard One
Exil – maybe concert maybe club

Predominantly somewhere I would say to explore with your other half unless its a big skiing trip!

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