Bryson Tiller and Out of Body experiences in the boring city that is OSLO || #TeaWithG


2 nights

It was a cheap and cheerful £40 return flight with RyanAir (via SkyScanner as per) – howwwwwever I forgot to check everyone in – so it cost us £50 per person to check in at the airport 🙁

AirBnB – we rented two separate flats in the same block between the five of us – £40/person per night for a self catered open plan flat.

Nothing special for food – couldn’t even find out what the local delicacy was. We love the Scandinavian fast food chain called MAX but it did not live up to Swedish par in Norway unfortunately. We also had a nice Indian based dinner at Kebabish Original. Food is expensive though! 6 inch subway we had for lunch cost us £9 each – yikes!

We didn’t do much buttt we really believe there was not much to do. We only went to see The Royal Palace – which was rather underwhelming. Who knows – if we stayed for longer – it may have been more interesting (but I doubt it).

The nightlife was very quiet – but to be fair we did go on a Monday. The gig itself turned out to be really good and the following after party but in general I do not think it is a place for nightlife. If you are planning on visiting Oslo, it is definitely a quiet trip with your partner to get away from everything!

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